About Centica

We are a young company, making a difference in a large and established market. We are a network of skilled and senior colleagues recognized for efficiency, integrity, and dependability. We pride ourselves on being upfront and personal as we maneuver requests and expectations with diligence and confirmed value to our customers.


Who are we – ignited in 2022. We sprung out of a deep desire to operate with a streamlined and efficient internal administration, focusing mainly on regulatory requirements. As a result, we are able to reach higher compensations, we collaborate in a networked and self-governing manner, united in a mentality to excel in our work with a common desire to  focus and spend our time efficiently delivering perceived and recognized value to customers.

We are both a core team and a network of passionate and talented people, who take pride in what we do and accomplish. We believe in creating value for our customers, our partners, and the environment in where we are a part. We hire and collaborate with friends who share our values and who contribute through inclusion, support, initiative and responsibility. We are not just employees in a generic consultancy company, we are partners in our work ethics, we are self-governed and a true network of recognized talent, where we find and share opportunities. We operate on this manner to efficiently deliver the best solutions for our selves and our clients. We started Centica Sverige in order to save and share revenue, reduce our time and focus as consultants on internal and operational non essential administration, enabling us instead to focus as efficient as possible on recognized value for our customer and tasks at hand.

We are a company founded by driven professionals who respect and support each other’s expertise and autonomy. We are independent in our talent, but collaborative in our efforts. We trust each other to do our best and to support each other when needed. We are united by Centica, and we collaborate to excel in efficiency, in our network, with our personal growth and customer satisfaction.

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