United to Collaborate

Gigs & Subcontractors

Gigs & Subcontractors – For you who are a independent contractor, like to be one or are part of a larger group, and enjoys collaborative gigs, there are good opportunities for different assignments hanging with us. We have strong relationships with our customers and subcontractors and we are always open to new strong collaborators in our network. Welcome to become a part of Centica with Friends.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

'One for all, all for one'

Our devotion at Centica Sverige is to solve the needs of our customers. At times we welcome reinforcement from our partners and friends and sometimes our friends and partners need help from us. Proudly we are a Network of Professionals who together solves obstacles and opportunities among us and with our customers. 

Like to hear what some of our partners has to say?

The collaborative efforts of Dynamx AB and Centica resulted in a successful IT transformation for our customer.
Allow us to introduce you to Birgitte Wallenberg at BiWa3C AB, the driving force behind our collaboration and the major factor behind our customer satisfaction..
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