Hi, together we inspire each other

Enjoy inspiring relationships? Driven by excellence and with a progress and solution-centered mindset?
Opportunities abound for people ignited by cooperation, who are strong in self-governing, and strives toward a collaborative environment with a strong focus on customer requirements, their progress and success.

Amazing and immediate compensations follows skill and hard work

SAP – Infor M3 – Microsoft Dynamics

  • Project Management
  • Process Specialist
  • Solution Architect
  • Integration Specialist

We all share the mindset of applying the ‘First Principle’ to maximize the value we contribute to our customers. As a company our ambition is to reduce internal and administrative friction and there by costs, we aim to streamline all but necessary regulatory administration. In accordance with the First Principle, we aim to maximize employee benefits along increased value and availability to meet customer needs.

Business Consultant – Finance
Solution Architect SAP
Project Manager ERP – SAP
Business Consultant, Supply Chain
Project Manager ERP – Infor M3/CloudSuite

United by Centica

You passion for inspiring relationships and excellence is invaluable in our outreaching mentality. We reward your networking skills, which amplify our collaborative environment and drive customer success. Your self-governing nature and desire to experience a sense of progress are assets that make you an integral part of our collaborative efforts. Skills and hard work always has an immediate and amazing financial payoff in our united community.

Empowered by Collaboration

We thrive in an environment where self-governance and a solution-centered mindset are the norm. We reward these qualities which enable us to adapt, innovate, show progress and consistently deliver excellence to our customers. Our team’s ability to independently navigate challenges and find effective solutions is a testament to our commitment to progress. This approach not only benefits us but also significantly enhances our customers’ experience. We value and appreciate the unique talents each member brings, as they contribute to our collaborative success and the success of our customers.

Meeting Some of Our Colleagues: A Glimpse into Our Soul

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